Spoon Carving Resources

Green Woodworking & Sloyd

If your new to spoon carving I recommend the following tools to get started. 

  • Mora 106 Sloyd Knife
  • Wood Tools open sweep spoon knife or;
  • Mora 164 hook knife
  • Wood tools Robin Wood Carving Axe
  • Silky Gomboy 270 (medium) saw.


Tool Suppliers

Mora - Easily obtainable carving knives for beginners and experts. I use a                      Mora 106 daily. Located in Sweden but available almost anywhere. 

Wood Tools - Affordable carving tools from the UK. 

Pinewood Forge - Sloyd knives, sharpening supplies, and books. Located                                      in Minnesota

Jason Lonon - Wide variety of premium hand forged carving tools. Located in                            North Carolina. 

Reid Schwartz - Reid makes some of the best premium hand forged carving                               knives. 

Kalthoff Axes - Julia makes one of the best, balanced and easy to use carving                             axes on the market. Located in Sweden. 

Silky Saw - Excellent affordable saws for green wood working. 


Books and Resources

Swedish Carving Techniques - Wille Sundqvist

Slojd in Wood - Jogge Sundqvist

Spon - Barn The Spoon

Spoon Templates - Spoon Club UK

Spoon Carving Projects - Emmet Van Driesche